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Autism Grandparents Speak on Video

If you are like me, you’d love to see and hear other autism grandparents talk about their own experiences. There is a website that offers a bit of this: This is from research by the Health Experiences Research Group in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences at the University of Oxford.

The autism grandparents speak briefly, only a minute or two, but their comments are heartfelt and endearing. For example, Bryan says that he is becoming less hopeful for a “magic bullet” and more able to accept his grandchild’s autism. Jan laments that she can’t manage hosting her grandchild for gatherings at her home – such as Christmas dinner. Brenda expresses her concern about her daughter’s mental and emotional state, particularly since it involves caring for her autistic grandchild. Janet smiles at her autistic granddaughter’s resistance to hugs – even when being hurt from a fall – and her acceptance of the substitution of a “high five.”

I wish there were a whole library of such videos.



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