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Internet Discovery by an Autism Grandparent

Here’s the link:

We autism grandparents usually have more time to do Internet research than do our grandchildren’s parents. That’s one way we can be of service to them: find good stuff and share it with them.

I recently found a wonderful resource on the website of the Autism Society of Central Virginia. The resource is a 7-item list.

1. Autism Fact Sheet for Younger Children

This fact sheet has 8 items such as this: “Some people with autism talk, and others do not. Just because someone doesn’t talk out loud doesn’t mean they don’t have things to say or share.

2. Autism Fact Sheet for Teenagers

This 11-item list includes this: “Things like bright lights and noises bother some kids with autism because their bodies and brains are more sensitive to processing sensory information.

3. Autism Cards and Quotes

These are cards that you can place in classrooms, offices, car windshields, etc. to raise awareness of autism. They include Dr. Stephen Shore’s “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

4. Book List: Preschool/Elementary

There are 23 books on this list, including What I Like About Me by Allia Zobel Nolan.

5. Book List: Middle and High School

This 21-book list includes Buster and the Amazing Daisy by Nancy Ogaz

6. Book List: Adults

This wonderful 12-book list, some of which I’ve read, includes Uniquely Human by Barry Prizant.

7. TV and Film List

This 12-title list, some of which I’ve seen, includes the movie “Life, Animated,” and television show, “Life on the Spectrum.”

I’m already sharing some of this with my granddaughter’s parents, and they are appreciative indeed!



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