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Visiting Group Homes Curing COVID-19

I have attached information for autism grandparents who visit grandchildren who are in group homes. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused all of us to do our best to protect ourselves and our grandchildren, and the attachment provides helpful information, especially regarding group homes. Grandparents will of course want to contact the group home to hear about its specific policies, and will also want to follow the CDC guidelines regarding wearing facemasks and social distancing. The attachment was developed by the American Bar Association, National Center for State Courts, and the National Guardianship Association. 

Covid-19 Pandemic Guidelines
Download PDF • 296KB

I have also attached a short video for children on the importance of wearing a mask.This brief and informative video, developed by Tara Tuchel at Autism Little Learners, is meant to be shown to children to help them understand this important practice. It can be difficult and possibly confusing for a child to see his grandparent wearing a mask or to even understand why he/she has to wear one. 



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