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Developed by prominent autism professionals and organizations nationwide. Logistics handled by AARP, and analysis by Virginia Commonwealth University. Scroll down to learn more.

About the Survey

There are roughly 4 million autism grandparents in the United States, many of whom are reservoirs of time, energy, and abilities that can be beneficial to their grandchildren and their families. This Survey will uncover the as yet undocumented potential that autism grandparents can offer.

Research has shown that professional autism providers - therapists, teachers, health workers, etc. – rarely proactively attempt to engage grandparents. It is hoped that this Survey will result in the autism professional community’s understanding of the potential roles of grandparents in enhancing their grandchildren’s progress and quality of life. 

The 2021 National Autism Grandparents Survey will provide significant information – information that will help autism grandparents enhance their impact on their grandchildren, help autism therapists know how to engage grandparents to accelerate progress, help advocacy groups elevate public services to proactively engage grandparents, and help everyone relate even better to autistic individuals.

The Survey has been developed with consultation from prominent autism organizations and professionals throughout the nation. 

Be a Survey Ambassador

One way you can help promote the survey is by posting something on your Facebook page and/or by getting your local newspaper to publish something. We have written a boilerplate article about the survey – an article that you can easily personalize and submit to your newspaper (or place on Facebook). We’ll gladly send you a copy. Just send an e-mail to (John Bryan, Coordinator, Autism Grandparents Club)

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